The programmes of study within the National Curriculum set out expectations at the end of each key stage, and all maintained schools are free to develop a curriculum relevant to their pupils that teaches this content.

The curriculum must include an assessment system which enables schools to check what pupils have learned and whether they are on track to meet expectations at the end of the key stage, and to report regularly to parents.

This year, end of Key Stage 2 tests in English, Mathematics and SPAG will to measure attainment and progress

In year 4, the children will take part in the multiplication tables check within the 2-week period in June.

In 2024, Key Stage 1 SATs are no longer compulsory national tests. However, KS1 SATs have been 'replaced' by optional KS1 SATs tests. The phonics screening check week will take place in June.

Schools must complete the reception baseline assessment for each child in the first 6 weeks after they enter reception.

As a school,  we have developed comprehensive progression documents that support teacher assessment across all subjects. Standardised assessment  are used throughout the year to support teacher judgement, these are NFER tests for reading and tests for mathematics. Whereas the Rising Stars Assessments are used for SPAG and Science.  These tests reflect the National Curriculum.